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Local radio would not be the same without our radio companions. Many of us are stuck in our cars for hours to and from work. I am at least two hours a day a prisoner of traffic. The only reason I don't go mad is due to the music and my funny, informative and entertaining radio personalities. I hope to meet many of you, here are those I've met.
Linda Martelli (KX94.7) & Bob Saye (KX96.5) (03).jpg Jerry & Carolyn (KX96.5) Toff & Mellissa (KX94.7).jpg Linda Martelli (KX94.7) & Bob Saye (KX96.5) (01).jpg Linda Martelli (KX94.7) & Bob Saye (KX96.5) (04).jpg Mike Fuller (4).jpg Linda Martelli (KX94.7) & Bob Saye (KX96.5) (05).jpg Linda Martelli (2).jpg Linda Martelli (01).jpg Linda Martelli (02).jpg Melissa Forsyth and  Lindsay Broughton (2).jpg
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Local Television Personalities

Familiar faces of our favourite Television personalities that I captured in my travels.
Dina Pugliese (5).jpg Kasia Bodurka Weather Channel (6).jpg Suicide_Squad_May25_15-61.jpg Jennifer Valentyne (3).jpg Dina Pugliese (10).jpg Cabbie Richards (1).jpg Kasia Bodurka Weather Channel (8).jpg Dina Pugliese (3).jpg Dina Pugliese (6).jpg Roger Pertersen.jpg

Patricia Jaggernauth

One of Toronto's favourite TV personalities, always friendly and has amazing fashion sense.
Patricia Jaggernauth_Fashion Week 2015 (1).jpg

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