Queen of Country in #Toronto

Carrie Underwood’s “Story Teller Tour”

Carrie blew the roof off  the Air Canada Centre on Saturday May 28th 2016.

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I thought I would treat the Mrs. to Carrie’s concert, I knew I would enjoy the concert but I had no idea how amazing of a show it would be. She blew me away and I know those like me who haven’t seen her before were stunned as well.

Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-93 Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-89

Her vocals were on point, couldn’t tell the difference between the CD or her live. Truly lived up to the fame. There wasn’t a lot of time for her to share stories with the fans, she has too many hits. See hit the stage  and tore it up all night, song after amazing song.

Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-38 Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-48

During the concert I thought about what hits she would leave for the encore, then she performed it.  Well, she performed hits I forgot about, that’s how many hits she has.

Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-57 Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-67

Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-69 Carrie_Underwood_Story_Teller_Tour-85

I would definitely put her show in my top ten.


Once again I did my best with a point and shoot camera, I really wish they would relax with DSLR bans. It’s getting ridiculous out there. I don’t understand why anyone would get in the way of free publicity.

Click here for concert photos

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