Candid Toronto 2015 Recap #2015

Well 2015 was the first full year for the CandidToronto blog. Although I was hoping for much better stats I understand it takes a while to get regular visitors.

In 2015 CandidToronto had 12,000 views from 4, 713 visitors. The views came from 93 different countries with Canada and the USA leading the way. Some of the countries I had never heard of, Glad they have internet. I am very thankful for everyone who took the time to check out my blog. Thank you!. Please feel free to share it with your friends, provide comments, feedback or submit photos of an event for the blog reader contributor page. (Countries in grey are yet to visit)

CT map 2015

January 2015 Candid Toronto started at the polar bear dip

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-17 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-51

TO_Polar_Dip_2015-49 TO_Polar_Dip_2015-63

and a “No Pants day” Subway ride.

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-83 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-69

No Pants Day Toronto 2015-17 No Pants Day Toronto 2015-77

Motorcycle Super Show

Custom Motorcycles_2015-42 Vintage Motorcycles-20

MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-17 MOdels and Bikes MSS_2015-37

February the fun continued with my first FrostCon. (not happening this year)

FrostCon2015_Trade-20 FrostCon2015_Trade-12

FrostCon2015_Trade-39 FrostCon2015_Trade-30

And to steam February up, Sexapalooza did the Job.

Glowing Body Paint-11 RIF_7688

RIF_7816 RIF_7652

Family Day was colddddd

Frozen Sugar Beach-16 Frozen Sugar Beach-17

March was for the Junos. The Junos took place in Hamilton Ontario and it began for me with the Fanfare event. I still haven’t posted the photos from the Junos red carpet, my bad.

Kira Isabella (13) Liz Trinnear (4)

LIGHTS (4) Sam Roberts Band (12)


My real job took me to Sudbury and Thunder Bay for the first time in April, again I haven’t posted the Thunder Bay photos.

Sudbury_March_2015-24 Sudbury_March_2015-19

Sudbury_March_2015-16 Sudbury_March_2015-34

Toronto had a big pillow fight, lots of fun there too.

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-99 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-42

TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-74 TO_Pillow_Fight_2015-73

In May Toronto became Gotham for a few months while they filmed the DC Comic book’s Suicide Squad Movie.

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-57 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-52

Suicide_Squad_May25_15-56 Suicide_Squad_May25_15-12

I got to do an interview for CTV

Roger CTV 3Suicide_Squad_May25_15-61

We went to the Ontario Country Music Award Show’s red carpet



Joined the Blue Jays Band Wagon even before there was one.

ROG_2562 ROG_2514

Loved Blue Jays Country Day!

ROG_2411 ROG_2267

ROG_2592 ROG_2390

Saw some RAW art taking place with Jim McAvoy of Artisticurves and model Starla Lost.

Artisticurves (4) Artisticurves (3)

Artisticurves (9) Artisticurves (7)

Anime North is always a blast

Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-142 Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-12

Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-123 Anime_North_2015_Cosplayers-10

May was a busy month for Candid Toronto, the Victoria Day Speedfest was so much fun.



In June we went to the Aberfoyle Antique Market

Aberfoyle Antique Market-41 Aberfoyle Antique Market-16

Aberfoyle Antique Market _sat-23 Aberfoyle Antique Market _sat-12

In June the beginning of Summer, starts off with “More Ass and Less Gas” as The World Naked bike Ride rolled into Toronto for one of my favourite events of the year.

WNBR_2015-51 WNBR_2015-50

WNBR_2015-17 WNBR_2015-37

The Summer Festivals began, The Burlington Sound of Music kicked it off for CandidToronto.

Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-35 Leah_Daniels_Sound_of_Music_2015-79

The Pan Am Games were quickly approaching so the flame kicked of the Burlington Sound of Music festival.

PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-14 PAN_AM_2015_Torch_Relay-15

Then we had a rainy Dyke March that was a lot of fun

Dyke_March_2015-14 Dyke_March_2015-41

Dyke_March_2015-52 Dyke_March_2015-37

Dyke_March_2015-40 Dyke_March_2015-27

In July I got to shoot the UG Beach WOD event at Wasaga Beach

UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7495 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7494

UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7265 UG_Beach_WOD_2015_Cross_fit-7239

Pan Am Games was a traffic nightmare, the province implemented High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes which were a disaster!

Pan Am Park (3) Pan Am Park (9)

Pan Am Park (2) Pan Am Park (36)

The Biker Boyz took over a portion of the Woodbine Shopping Centre parking lot.

BikerBoyZ 2015-51 BikerBoyZ 2015-53

BikerBoyZ 2015-58 BikerBoyZ 2015-35

We lost our companion, Simon was part of our family for 14 years. R.I.P. Simon


August the summer festivals continued with the Festival of friends.

Andrew_Hyatt_FOF_2015-35 Andrew_Hyatt_FOF_2015-24

Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-13 Cold_Creek_County_FOF_2015-35

Buffy_Sainte_Marie_FOF_2015-11 Buffy_Sainte_Marie_FOF_2015-16

We just made it to Toronto premiere of Man from Uncle

wpid-fb_img_1440169272943.jpg wpid-wp-1440252457886.jpeg

An unfortunate crash at an Indy race killed  Driver Justin Wilson, I took Justin’s photo as he entered the Toronto Indy track on Fan Day a few months earlier. R.I.P.  Justin

wpid-wp-1440522999113.jpeg wpid-wp-1440522989662.jpeg

The Importfest carshow is always a hoot, cool cars and pretty girls is what to expect.

Cars_Importfest_2015-30 Cars_Importfest_2015-57

Models_Importfest_2015-12 Models_Importfest_2015-11

Importfest includes bikini and lingerie contests

Bikini_Importfest_2015-11 Bikini_Importfest_2015-15

The CNE opens and bids farewell to the summer, my wife and I enjoyed the CNE Bandshell on three beautiful nights. It started with Rick Springfield and ended with one of Canada’s best Dallas Smith.

ROG_3977 ROG_4010

Autumn Hill opens for Rick Springfield

Autumn_Hill_CNE_2015-32 Rick_Sprinfield_CNE_2015-50

Yoan and Brett Kissel

wpid-wp-1441280898275.jpeg wpid-wp-1441281359064.jpeg

Randy Bachman’s guest appearance

wpid-wp-1441281830065.jpeg wpid-wp-1441281837812.jpeg

Dallas Smith knocked it out of Summer into Fall

ROG_6644 (Custom) ROG_6782 (Medium)

September begins with FanExpo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. (I will be posting the Fanexpo 2015 photos in a few weeks)

11159_658097314220736_415022107_n ROG_5429

ROG_5544 (Medium) ROG_5603 (Medium)

ROG_5575 (Medium) ROG_5633 (Medium)

ROG_5626 (Medium) ROG_5643 (Medium)

ROG_5556 (Medium) ROG_5419 (Medium)

September is the holy grail of months for me, it’s TIFF season in Toronto. The city hosts Hollywood’s finest as Torontonians line the streets to see their favourite celebrity.

wpid-wp-1442066993956.jpeg wpid-wp-1442237438426.jpeg

wpid-wp-1442237460982.jpeg ROG_6967

Beyond_the_stars_2015-18 Beyond_the_stars_2015-31

Beyond_the_stars_2015-10-2 Johnny Depp (27)


Well one of my favourite events was cancelled in 2015 for lack of funding. The Toronto Zombie walk died! This was very sad news for me. here are some photos of a previous Zombie Walk.

239 155


Thanksgiving in Muskoka with the Budge family is always a highlight of the year.


Thx_Givn_2015-17 Thx_Givn_2015-55

Thx_Givn_2015-18 Thx_Givn _2015-10

Paul Brant and Dean Brody’s Road Trip tour was Awesome!

Paul_Brant_Road_Trip_Tou_2015-37 Paul_Brant_Road_Trip_Tou_2015-67

Naked people running in Hamilton with pumpkins on their heads, No way I was missing this event.

Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-37 Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-48

Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-26 Naked_Pumpkin_Run_Hamilton_2015-27

November we visited the ruins in Milton Ontario

ROG_5328 ROG_5321

I visited the excellent mural being painted under the Lawrence underpass by three talented artists.

ROG_5243 ROG_4718

ROG_4689 ROG_4709

December we all began preparing for the Holiday Season

Decembe_2015_In_TO-30 Decembe_2015_In_TO-25

Decembe_2015_In_TO-19 Decembe_2015_In_TO-20

Seedo Santas ran along the streets in Yorkville to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-73 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-80

Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-19 Santa_Speedo_Run_2015-48

Then we headed South to Cayo Santa Maria Cuba

DSCN2757 Valentin_Perla_Blanca_Resort-28

I had a great year, looking forward to more adventures in 2016. I would like to say hello to all the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting and can’t wait to meet many more. Thanks for popping by Happy New Year!!!

Don’t forget all the photos can be found here



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