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Street photography is still my favourite form of photography, but I have been neglecting the CandidToronto pages dedicated to the people I see on the streets as I capture life as it happens one stranger at a time.

I will start off with some unfortunate events, what I refer to often as “Life Happens”.  As I travel along many of Ontario’s roads, on many occasions someone is having a bad day and as I creep along I manage to snap that moment. (As best as I can) You can find those photos on the Candid problems page

Under trailer Pole other thing (2)

Squeezed in (1) Truck roll over (1)

Life is a roller coaster ride and some times the downs are longer then the ups, but I am sure that we can find something to be thankful each day. The less fortunate are part of the city and a little help brightens their day. Don’t forget to give a little. Here’s a look at a “Candid Life”

RIF_0858 RIF_0844

Regardless where you are, someone is at work. As a blue collar worker I appreciate the hard work that goes on day after day to keep the world safe, clean, fed, entertained and quite simply livable. The Candid at Work page is a tribute to some of those people.

ROG_2868 Fence

Candid Services

Snack vendor Water Boy

Candid Protection

Pretty Traffic Controller (1) Rescue

There are so many jobs that don’t fit into some of my albums so they will be in the “A Variety of occupations” album

The Streets are filled with fashionistas and they deserve an audience. No runway, no special lights, no pro makeup, no pro hairstylist just doing the best they can to feel fabulous.  Street fashion is fun and colourful and once in a while the background is perfect too, making this my favourite form of photography. You can find my street fashion photo on the Candid Street Fashion page.

RIF_6487 DSC_3894

RIF_0176 RIF_1488

Candid and In Love


I will be adding to these albums more frequently, I have a plethora of photographs that I need to share. If you find yourself in one of these pages and want the photo or want it removed email me at

Just somethings I see that I can’t explain

ROG_8386 ROG_8387

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