Buffy Sainte-Marie @FestofFriends #FOF40

The legendary  Buffy Sainte-Marie performed at the Festival of Friends on Sunday August 9th 2015.

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The 74 year old rocked the stage like nobody’s business; she had the audience on their feet singing along.

I have to say, I felt the power and I wish I had been around during her hay day. I feel very fortunate to have witnessed her energy and was taken by her powerful words. This will definitely be one of my outstanding life experiences.

Buffy_Sainte_Marie_FOF_2015-16 Buffy_Sainte_Marie_FOF_2015-11

He fans ages spanned across decades, from you activists to the very old who made every effort to see her perform. Buffy did not disappoint, besides a great performance she signed and met with her many fans.

I just had to capture and share this. This guy was having so much fun.

Click here for the photo album

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