Breakfast Television Christmas Party #BTchristmas

It’s been a couple of years since I last went to see the live taping of Breakfast Television’s Christmas special at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto.

The lobby of the Sheraton Hotel turns into the studio for the Christmas episode of Breakfast Television (BT). Many fans stay over at the hotel because BT negotiated a good price for their fans. Some like me wake up real early and head down to T Dot  to be part of the fun, and fun it is, watching our local celebs in action and even getting a chance to win some prices and cool BT swag. However, the biggest gift of all is giving and giving you can. The Daily  Bread Food Bank was that charity located in the lobby ready for donations.  Fans brought food, money and toys for the struggling Torontonians  this Christmas. I don’t understand why more people don’t come out, It’s from 6 am to 9 am. I went before work and was able to make it  to my desk before 9. Please excuse the quality of the photos, it was low light and I didn’t use flash so it wouldn’t mess up the taping.

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_BT Dec 2014-43

BT Dec 2014-40

There were Christmas hats, funny hats and people in their PJs running around the lobby.

Some were on the little one and some were on their parents, it all part of the fun.



BT Dec 2014-80

Toronto Maple Leaf Chihuahua


BT Dec 2014-10 BT Dec 2014-12 BT Dec 2014-14 BT Dec 2014-42 BT Dec 2014-46

Indy Race car driver James Hinchcliffe participated in a game with a BT fan.

Jennifer Valentine and Fan Vs James and his fan on a ball into hat toss.

BT Dec 2014-57

James’ fan got more balls in and won a prize from Dell worth over $1000.

BT Dec 2014-60

BT Dec 2014-64

Denise Wade of the Shopping Channel popped by to help with some last minute ideas.

BT Dec 2014-82 BT Dec 2014-81

Plenty of little ones running around, I’m sure that after the show they were going to sleep for hours, truth be told I could have used a nap too.

BT Dec 2014-13

BT Dec 2014-51 BT Dec 2014-44

St. Michael’s Choir School sang for everyone’s enjoyment. Great Job Boys

BT Dec 2014-48

BT Dec 2014-47

Unifor members (after a little face painting) hand the food bank a cheque over $8000 from their union’s social justice fund.

BT Dec 2014-79

Also performing was Shawn Hook, a Canadian singer and Song writer.

Shawn Performed his hit song ” Million Ways” he was awesome. It’s a great song and I absolutely love the video.

I was standing by him after his performance as he interacted with his backup singers and what appeared to be his girlfriend.

In Canadian fashion, he was genuine, he was commenting on how he missed a note on the keyboard, of course he was the only one who noticed.

He was charming and amazing with his young fans who asked for selfies with him. He indulged them all, he often had to squat down to be at his fans height.

I’m a big fan of homegrown talent and again I was so impressed by the musician and even more by the person with in.

BT Dec 2014-72 BT Dec 2014-74  BT Dec 2014-69BT Dec 2014-83

And of course our local television celebrities, working surrounded by their fans. Although a tight schedule had them running around the hotel, they paused when they could to take photos with their fans. Great job BT Toronto and thank you.

BT Dec 2014-23

Dina Pugliese

BT Dec 2014-37

Jennifer Valentyne

BT Dec 2014-38

Kevin Frankish

BT Dec 2014-17

Frankie Ferragine “Frankie Flowers”

BT Dec 2014-29

Winston Sih

BT Dec 2014-36

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