Bloor Yorkville IceFest 2016 #icefest16

Last Saturday’s temperatures dipped below -30 degrees Celsius, this Saturday temperatures soared 40 plus degrees to 13 degrees Celsius. This year’s ice fest felt like spring and in fact some of the sculptures were dripping as they melted away some of the details the artists worked so hard to achieve. Many Torontonians hit the streets, parks and beach, No they weren’t sun tanning, many walked along the board walk at woodbine beach. Our furry family members enjoyed the balmy weather as well, the sidewalks and dog parks were over populated with our fury pawed companions. I digress, back to the Bloor Yorkville IceFest.

Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-56 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-12


There were lots of glistening ice sculptures to look at along Cumberland St. It was difficult to get a photo of a sculpture without someone standing in front, beside, behind or on top of it trying  to get a photo with the artwork or God help us all, the craze for selfies continues. Artists spend hours creating their masterpiece and simply taking a photo is not enough, you have to be in the picture? Sorry I don’t understand the obsession, thankfully there weren’t any fish lip poses. I would have gone to jail, just saying.

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I can barely get ice cubes out of the freezer and into my glass without making a mess and these people make art out a giant ice cubes. The tools used to cut carve and everything else the do to make it look like what the envisioned. They froze dinky cars in ice and gave them to the little ones, many kids were walking around with their new toy frozen solid. Some tried to free their gift by smashing it on the ground. lol

Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-21 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-30 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-23 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-24

This year’s theme was obvious, “Love”

Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-26 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-55 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-29 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-27 

Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-52 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-51 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-50 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-46

This is a family friendly event of course and many enjoyed the clown making balloon swords, animals and hats or building an igloo, or trying to build and igloo.

Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-38 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-39 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-37 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-35

Hot coffee and churros were on hand, if you had the patience to stand in line. Music played a loud with the help of a Dj or Djs, mind you it wasn’t too loud but enough to set the mood.

Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-53 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-57

As usual, many photogs were armed with their trusty photography weapons. A couple of Seneca students took advantage of the mild weather and the community event to further their studies.

Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-36 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-33 Bloor_Yorkville_Icefest_2016-18

I couldn’t miss this furry little guy enjoying his transport through the crowded street.


Yorkville is known for its trendy fashion, wealthy patrons and high-end stores. I like to refer to this area as the Hunter boot capital. I left home with every intention of adding to my street fashion album but the crowds were too dense. I couldn’t go home empty-handed though, this was my last shot of the day.


Starbucks??  Yeah I think I will… So I grabbed on for the road and headed home to post on Click here for the rest of the photos.

Next week it gets hot and steamy in Toronto at Sexapalooza, stay tuned…


Peace out and love…

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