BikerBoyz 2015 #bikerboyz12

This past Saturday marked the 12th anniversary for this event. “BikerBoyz”  Motorcycle enthusiasts gathered at Woodbine Shopping Centre in Rexdale for a fun filled Saturday. Loud music, vendors, stunt bike riders and even a bikini contest filled a large portion of the mall’s parking lot.

BikerBoyZ 2015-35 BikerBoyZ 2015-10

Attendees could get their bikes washed by some sexy people too. There was eye candy for both sexes at this event.

BikerBoyZ 2015-25 BikerBoyZ 2015-11

Now look at these shoes, their so high she probably gets nose bleeds from the altitude.

BikerBoyZ 2015-12

Like every motorcycle event there are always so many cool bikes, helmets and artwork. I couldn’t capture them all, well I could but I couldn’t post them all so I will share only a few items that caught my eye.

BikerBoyZ 2015-28 BikerBoyZ 2015-29

BikerBoyZ 2015-13 BikerBoyZ 2015-18

BikerBoyZ 2015-21 BikerBoyZ 2015-14

BikerBoyZ 2015-19 BikerBoyZ 2015-20

Now with an accessory

BikerBoyZ 2015-22

How about a drone getting some perfect overhead shots, these things are so cool.

BikerBoyZ 2015-34 BikerBoyZ 2015-33

These guys are breaking the law, workers must be tie-off when over 10 feet (3 m). Not Cool Guys!

They were on the Mall roof watching, approximately 20 workers die each year from falls in Ontario. Lets have fun but be safe!

BikerBoyZ 2015-37

Speaking of safety, there were stunt driving demonstrations all day. The stunt driving area was fenced off and the DJ continuously reminded riders not to do stunts in the parking lot area.

BikerBoyZ 2015-48 BikerBoyZ 2015-50

BikerBoyZ 2015-51 BikerBoyZ 2015-52

BikerBoyZ 2015-53 BikerBoyZ 2015-54

Houston we have a problem… ( all is good, only his ego was bruised)

BikerBoyZ 2015-55 BikerBoyZ 2015-56

The bikes kept on arriving and parking and arriving and parking…

BikerBoyZ 2015-39  BikerBoyZ 2015-44

BikerBoyZ 2015-26 BikerBoyZ 2015-24

Some had horns, others were pink and some had giant wheels

BikerBoyZ 2015-45 BikerBoyZ 2015-27

BikerBoyZ 2015-43

Look topless, better have sun screen. It was a hot and sunny day for this event. +30 with the humid-ex.

BikerBoyZ 2015-40

Some paid homage to their fallen friends, even years after their passing.

BikerBoyZ 2015-30 BikerBoyZ 2015-31

Whether you had an expensive bike or a not so expensive bike, all were there to celebrate what the rode on.

BikerBoyZ 2015-47

What would a bike show be without some bike models, here you go boys. These lovely ladies put on their best smiles for the cameras.

BikerBoyZ 2015-59 BikerBoyZ 2015-62

Sorry guys, I didn’t stay for the Bikini Contest.

Look at the kid to the right, he doesn’t look too impressed. lol

BikerBoyZ 2015-61


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