Beyond The Stars at #Tiff15

Well it was almost a month ago when I was over the moon about the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff). I finally figured out a how to explain how much I love this event, “It’s my Christmas”.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-16  Beyond_the_stars_2015-11-2

Photo by the my Christmas Tree


It’s like Christmas because, I look forward to seeing people I haven’t seen in a year, Torontonians put on their best behaviour and get all dressed up. My gift comes in the form of forging great friendships lasting longer than the 10 days of Tiff. I love meeting a so many nice people and sharing our favourite stories about movies, celebrity encounters and life in general. There were a few people I didn’t see this year, I hope they are all well.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-26 Beyond_the_stars_2015-75

Beyond_the_stars_2015-12 Beyond_the_stars_2015-22

There’s a lot of waiting around, that’s the perfect time to get to know the people around you but when the stars arrive its “Game Time!”.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-62 Beyond_the_stars_2015-27

Sometimes Mother Nature rains on our parade, but the true fans adapt.


For those who can’t make it out to the events, this why I blog about them. I love sharing images I see through my eyes, not always sharp but good enough get the gist of it all. Tom Hiddleston (Loki in the Thor Movie) waves behind the windshield.


Many volunteers help guide, direct, hold back people and everything in between. Thank you for all your help and time.

Some even pose for pictures when they’re off duty, Just loved the look.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-31 Beyond_the_stars_2015-30

Many workers work with the volunteers to make Tiff run as best as it can. This year I was so impressed, I found that staff and management ran a tight ship and also tried not to get in the way of the fans, yet maintaining order. Great Job!!

Beyond_the_stars_2015-43 Beyond_the_stars_2015-53

Beyond_the_stars_2015-73 Beyond_the_stars_2015-76

Beyond_the_stars_2015-83 Beyond_the_stars_2015-87

Beyond_the_stars_2015-60 Beyond_the_stars_2015-70

This young woman looked like she was having a blast with the balloons in the wind as I took her photo I saw her eyes, I then I asked to take portrait, she said yes.

A few days later I received and email from her asking it I could send her a copy of the photos. The email read, “I’m the girl you took a few candids of this past weekend with the blue eyes”   Of course I sent her her the photos.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-11-3 Beyond_the_stars_2015-15-2

The drivers transport our favourite celebrities around the city safely and in comfort. The know Toronto like that back of their hands, and at times it comes in handy to evade the professional autographers who get very aggressive.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-20 Beyond_the_stars_2015-17

Beyond_the_stars_2015-18 Beyond_the_stars_2015-74

The security superseded my expectations this year, they’re finally getting that the fans are well behaved and willing to support their efforts in maintaining order and the safety of all at Tiff. There was a lot more co-operation with security at all levels. Fans especially loved the fact they got the aggressive professional autographers out of the way whenever possible so that the true fans got to meet the stars. The autographers, I speak of are not even from Toronto in fact they are not even Canadian, they are a bunch of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (you fill in the blanks) A big thank youto the security team and Toronto Police, Job well done, see you next year!

Beyond_the_stars_2015-24 Beyond_the_stars_2015-25

Beyond_the_stars_2015-55 Beyond_the_stars_2015-68

Beyond_the_stars_2015-89 Beyond_the_stars_2015-21

Beyond_the_stars_2015-28 Beyond_the_stars_2015-46

On his day off from policing Tiff, this Police Officer brought his Son to see his son’s favourite celebrity “Johnny Depp”

Security allowed them into the fenced area, when Johnny came out of the press conference he kneeled down and shook hands with his young fan.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-66 Johnny Depp (27)

Not all Torontonians are behaved, this Asshole refused to move behind the barriers like the rest of the fans, so the security places barriers all around him as many fans cheered the security on, this piece of work took a dive and said the young woman, half his size pushed him down. He went as far as filing a police report, but many told the security what the saw and he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. (pun intended)  I blurred his face because I didn’t want to give him any publicity, but I had to share the story and say that security did an awesome job. When Liam Hemsworth came out of the restaurant the focus switched and he was forgotten. Booo Hooo asshole.


At Tiff one never knows what to expect, word of advice, keep cameras on, lens cap off and your finger on the trigger.

When a swarm of people come out of a back door just shoot and figure out who and why later.


If they look really good or scruffy but cool, shoot them too. They may be famous or just really really rich.


This guy rolled in driving a Ferrari of Lamborghini not sure which, doesn’t matter shoot away. He looked at me, I smiled and he posed with his tongue out and Shaka sign. The “shaka” sign is a common greeting in the Hawaiian culture, subsequently also used in surfer culture. The shaka sign, sometimes known as “hang loose”, is a gesture often associated with Hawaii and surf culture. Brahhh

Beyond_the_stars_2015-79 Beyond_the_stars_2015-80

McDonald’s once again setup a McCafe with a Dj in a Mug brewing free coffee  and spinning some tunes for all. The free brew began at 4 pm and ended at 11 pm.

Trust me, theres a lot of coffe that can be drunk during that time span. The had six to eight servers going full steam. It was well received by all except, not a good idea when one has to wait for hours to meet the celebrity. I know where all the washrooms are now. lol We took photos of that too. Love the film inspired coffee names.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-85 Beyond_the_stars_2015-54

We got free Perrier water (Grapefruit flavour) and we even got free Pizza Nova. The pizza was for the movie goers who were waiting in line, but my charm got me a slice or the girls wanted me to stop following them begging for pizza, one or the other.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-86 Beyond_the_stars_2015-61

eTalk gave out free Ice Cream and Swag, thank god I walked around like crazy during Tiff. Averaged 15,000 steps a day.


A garbage truck drives by, “Hey Guy, who you waiting for?” he asks. “Johnny Depp” I replied.

“No F***en way, when?” he asks.  “Right now” I reply as I turned to Johnny sitting in the back of the limo and exchanged words.

Once Johnny left I look over at the Garbage Truck and this is what I shot.


Don’t know why, but like I said shoot now ask later.

Beyond_the_stars_2015-19 Beyond_the_stars_2015-35

Beyond_the_stars_2015-37 Beyond_the_stars_2015-40

Beyond_the_stars_2015-56 Beyond_the_stars_2015-58

Beyond_the_stars_2015-77 Beyond_the_stars_2015-81

My partner in crime during Tiff  and I made it on the news, CBC Radio- click here  to see the report. These two lovely ladies made it possible.


Well folks, this post was long over due and its long winded but there is just so much material for a photo blogger to report on.

Ohh Ya… almost forgot there were celebrities there too.  Go ahead click the links below to see what I was able to get.

Female Celebrities

Male Celebrities 






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