Beyond the Stars at #tiff2016

Tiffmass 2016 has been over for about a month, it took a few weeks for me to feel like myself again.  This year I over did it the first few days and it took its toll on me.  I am not alone, many of my tiff buddies fell ill after the adrenaline wore off. Still I can’t wait until next tiffmas. Click here for more photos

tiff-2016-24 tiff-2016-19

The night before tiffmas all was calm…

tiff-2016-17 tiff-2016-18

Anyone who has read my previous posts about tiff know my favourite part of the festival has been and is meeting new people. Many of which I only spend time with once a year. There are many reasons for this; some live hours away and only come down for tiff. While others, I don’t know our paths don’t cross. Maybe one day we can have a fan party leading up to tiff, so we can compare our tiff plans and catch up.

tiff-2016-29 tiff-2016-58 tiff-2016-72 tiff-2016-76

If you follow me on Instragram , Twitter or Facebook you know I was less than pleased about how tiff changed rules that affected us fans. Us fans have managed ourselves for years without any major issues. Whatever happened to “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” I won’t waste any more time on this matter, instead I will focus on the positive parts of the festival of festivals.


Each year tiff begins with an evening soiree featuring a celebrity guest of honour and many other celebrities attend to party with the Hollywood’s finest.  This year’s featured guest was Michael Fassbender. This event provides the first opportunity for us to meet, see and photograph celebrities.

tiff-2016-13 tiff-2016-14

Just minutes before Michael arrives, Mother Nature said “I’m here too”



One fan prepared a very colourful tiff sign for the stars to autograph, Shohreh Aghdashloo arrived first. Shohreh set the pace for celebrities autographing at tiff 2016 early. She did not disappoint her fans at any of the events she was at. In this photo she signed the sign first.


I like the celebrities but love the fans!

tiff-2016-63 tiff-2016-11 tiff-2016-34 tiff-2016-35

tiff-2016-37 tiff-2016-38

tiff-2016-41 tiff-2016-56

Al  lot of weird stuff happens during tiff too.

tiff-2016-77 tiff-2016-78

tiff-2016-23 tiff-2016-22

After an extremely dry summer, a little rain fell during tiff on a couple of occasions. I took precautions and it didn’t impact my stargazing.

tiff-2016-16 tiff-2016-15

Hands free devices only while driving…

tiff-2016-81 tiff-2016-80

More dedicated fans

tiff-2016-39 tiff-2016-67


tiff-2016-79 tiff-2016-32

tiff-2016-33 tiff-2016-44

When it wasn’t raining it was so sunny and hot. Keeping the sun off while working in the big smoke.

tiff-2016-27 tiff-2016-28

Of course there was no shortage of cool cars or black SUVs

tiff-2016-61 tiff-2016-62 tiff-2016-46 tiff-2016-69

Click here for more photos  Stay tuned for more from tiff 2016.



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