Behind the Scenes at CMT Music fest

Today CMT Music Fest held a media preview event at Bingemans. Under the hot sun at 2 pm members of  accredited media like myself took a guided tour through the grounds. We started in the VIP section and ended up on top of the hill by the impressive CMT sign. I know social media will be filled of seflies featuring this sign.

CMT_media_Preview (21) CMT_media_Preview (25)

The VIP area is pretty coooool and I’m sure those who got the VIP tickets will not be disappointed.  From a living wall covered in daises making the CMT logo to the rustic bars, VIP’rs will live it up in style. They can cool off in a pool with pool side service or show off their volleyball skills. I was really impressed with the use of pallets as bar furniture.  Very creative and really rustic, great plan keeping it Country. Kudos to all who were involved in the setup. Below is a sneak peek at the VIP area.

CMT_media_Preview (3)

CMT_media_Preview (1) CMT_media_Preview (2)

CMT_media_Preview (5)

CMT_media_Preview (6)

CMT_media_Preview (7)

The main stage is massive and we were iinformed that this stage has never been in Canada before. Welcome to Canada!  I’m sure the large speakers will blow the roof off Kitchener.

CMT_media_Preview (10)

CMT_media_Preview (4)

Workers working hard to finish before the gates open tomorrow at 4 pm. It isn’t easy to work in the immense heat. There’s still a lot of work to be done but I’m sure it will be perfect by doors open. Thank you to all those working their butts off!

CMT_media_Preview (8)

The hill…. California has the “Hollywood” sign, Nathan Philips Square hosts the “Toronto” sign but Kitchener has the “CMT” sign on the hill. This is a great addition, I can’t wait to see the photos in front of this sign.

CMT_media_Preview (18)

CMT_media_Preview (20) CMT_media_Preview (19)

Here’s a wide shot from top of the hill. Stay tuned for more CMT Music  Fest coverage. CMT should have never given me media access, I am going to cover the crap out of this event so the other summer festivals will wish they had.

CMT_media_Preview (28)

Finally, I have to report that I got this today when I arrived from the media event, thank you Vistaprint and UPS, just in time!


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