I don’t always understand the art but I always appreciate the artist’s artistic expression. These pages are dedicated to those who colour outside the lines.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned” ┬áLeonardo da Vinci

Lawrence Underpass Mural 2015

Essencia Art Collective Bruno Smoky Shalak Attack Fiya Bruxa
ROG_4713.jpg ROG_4736.jpg Lawrence underpass-18.jpg ROG_2868.jpg ROG_4773.jpg ROG_5220.jpg ROG_5241.jpg ROG_4717.jpg Lawrence underpass-33.jpg Lawrence underpass-30.jpg

JessGo Art at TiFF 2014

Jessica Gorlicky painted live during the film festival. Jessica painted on a revolving canvas. She wowed on lookers with her talent and positive personality. She paused for photo ops but didn't miss a stroke. check out her work at:
RIF_5996.jpg RIF_4575.jpg RIF_6628.jpg RIF_6629.jpg RIF_6000.jpg RIF_5998.jpg RIF_6626.jpg RIF_6627.jpg RIF_5999.jpg RIF_4576.jpg

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