About Darryl

My name is Darryl Pezzack. I’m 27 years old and I have a love for photography and all around media.  I also love to meet up with celebrities at movie premieres, movie sets and expos.

I got my feel for it since 2007 from my first MMVA’s ( Much Music Video Awards) and I was hooked since. So basically been doing this kind of thing for 10 years now and man is that crazy to think about!

When asked if I wanted to be part of Candid Toronto I was like hell ya! I hope to bring you guys nothing but the best from upcoming events in Toronto!

What interests me?

What interest me the most is photography and film.  They are a huge passion of mine and I want to get into the industry for sure.  I’ve always had a strong passion for film as long as I could remember.  From going to the movies with family or friends or working at Cineplex since 2008. I want to make films for people one day to enjoy. On the photography side of things it really hit me in high school in media class. I’ve always wanted to capture the best moment. Then when I started going to festivals, Toronto movie premieres and other really fun events I developed the desire to take amazing pictures of them there.  Those two things are my biggest interest and it’s basically what gives me the biggest fuel in life.

Why a photo-blog?

Long story short I don’t want it to be a “hobby” anymore I want it to be a strong career point in my life.  A blog publishes my work and get’s it out there for world to see. Not to mention Roger is a great guy and came to me about it and I would love to bring my A game for him and all of your for this blog!

Favourite Movie?

For those that don’t know me my favorite movie is Inception. Has a stellar cast. One of my biggest autograph projects as well to get my Inception case box set completely signed .

Favourite Celebrity?

Probably sounds typically Canadian of me but Ryan Reynolds . Hands down one of the nicest guys on red carpets, hilarious films, working with sick kids, making sure Deadpool was done right! , just a all around amazing guy in my opinion.

What Bugs Me?

Dishonesty to my face probably has to be one of my biggest pet peeves I’d say.