A Winter’s Day at #wasagabeach

Although Mother Nature has cut the Greater Toronto Area some slack this winter, just an hour and a half north of Toronto it’s definitely winter.

Wasaga Beach isn’t seeing its worse winter, but it’s winter never the less.  First lets have a look at the famous beach last summer.


File6822 File6820

Wasaga Beach is beach is only about 13.7 km (8 1/2 miles) long but it has the honour of being the world’s longest freshwater beach (or so it claims in its tour guides anyway). It’s a favourite tourist destination for Ontario visitors who can enjoy activities ranging from hiking to boating. Over 2 million visitors a year visit her shores.

Here a look last weekend (January 31st 2016)

DSCN3381 DSCN3382

DSCN3383 DSCN3384

Washrooms and stores were closed for the winter but families filled at least ten cars while I was there. Winter won’t keep the Wasaga’s fans away. A few months ago this  sandy beach was covered by sun tanners,  now covered in hard ice and snow. Foot prints and track marks from skis indicate winter activity.


Frozen waves? Not sure how these snow waves form, but they’re cool to walk on.

DSCN3384 DSCN3383 

DSCN3391 DSCN3392

On a hot summer day along Mosley Street one would encounter many families enjoying the summer, lots bikinis and hot rods rumbling back and forth along this famous street. At this time of the year, I didn’t see any bikinis or hot rods, but I did see families having fun or at least evidence of the fun that was had.


You’re not the only one feeling blue,  Spring is just around the corner.


Wasaga Beach hosts many events each and every year, this year will be no different I’m sure. Why imagine the fun you can have, its only a couple hours north of the city, get up there!

Events include but not limited to:

  • Music festivals beginning in May
  • Wasaga Beach Fest
  • Kite Fest
  • Wasaga Cruisers (Vehicles from 1989 and older)
  • Corvette cruize
  • Motorcycle Ralley
  • Beach WOD
  • Volleyball Tournaments
  • Wacky Boat Regatta
  • Lots more stuff, not mentioned above

Anyway, I know I’m not the only person thinking about the beach. Spring is just inside the window looking out.


Check out a few photos I took at and around Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

Click here for album.

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