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Toronto Polar Bear Dip (10th Anniversary)

Ring in the New Year by jumping into a nearly frozen lake or come cheer those crazy enough to do it. Great opportunity to start the year in the giving spirit too, if you don’t have what it takes to plunge then donate. Proceeds go to Habitat For Humility.


Click here to see my photos from 2013 (I have gone since 2013, but a recent hard drive crash has left me with only these photos)

( 2013) It was -12 C (10.4F) (2014) -9C (15.8F)



TO_Polar_Dip_2013-23 TO_Polar_Dip_2013-25  TO_Polar_Dip_2013-40


A little further west to Oakville there’s even more craziness. The Courage Polar Bear Dip for World Vision is celebrating its 30th year January 1st 2015. The festivities begin at 12:30 to about 3:00 pm. Due to the large numbers of plungers they have to break them down into heats. lol

The plunge begins at 2:00pm.


Click here to see my photos of the 2013 Courage Polar Bear Dip

Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-25 Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-36 Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-11 Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-14 Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-20 Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-21 Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-22 Courage_Polar_Dip_2013-24



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