1st Warm Weekend in May #spring

Well Jack Frost has over stayed his welcome and I along with many Canadians are jumping for joy at every degree of warmth we feel. This Mother’s Day weekend finally resembled spring like conditions.  At Burlington Beach on Friday afternoon the temperature was 19 degrees Celsius (66 F) , and a few people we getting their base tan on.


Lets head East for a bit where this journey began.

Oakville Downtown – Ontario

Oakville downtown  (Lakeshore Blvd. and Trafalgar Rd.) is a very trendy place to visit, unique shops, great restaurants, nice cars and a mix of modern and old architecture add to Oakville Downtown’s curb appeal. Many dogs go for walks and the little ones get strolled along this stretch.  If you continue westbound you will end up at a bridge overlooking a beautiful Marina. The marina workers were placing the boats into the water, I didn’t take a photo because it wasn’t the way it normally looks. I will post some pictures in a few weeks to this album. Below are a few photos as I try to paint a picture of this town.

Oakville Lakeshore May_2016-16 Oakville Lakeshore May_2016-16b 

Oakville Lakeshore May_2016-17 Oakville Lakeshore May_2016-10

Oakville Lakeshore May_2016-19 Oakville Lakeshore May_2016-22

We  continued west along Lakeshore Blvd. to Burlington’s Spencer Smith Park

Spencer Smith Park – Burlington, Ontario

Spencer Smith Park is  host to so many activities, two of which I never miss. The Burlington Sound of Music Festival and the Burlington RibFest. This time around I went to see if the Sakura Cherry Blossom trees were blooming and yes they were!

Spencer Smith Park May_2016-11Spencer Smith Park May_2016-32

Spencer Smith Park May_2016-12 Spencer Smith Park May_2016-19

Spencer Smith Park May_2016-23 Spencer Smith Park May_2016-14

We continued west, this time along Northshore  Blvd. until there was none of it left. Our destination was unknown, we just followed the road. The hot sun hit our faces through the windshield as we sang along with Eric Church. Well we made a quick stop at Dairy Queen for a treat. Then some how we found this gem of a place, “Smokey Hollow Side Trail“.

Smokey Hollow – Hamilton, Ontario

Smokey Hollow May_2016-11

Smokey Hollow May_2016-30 Smokey Hollow May_2016-10

Smokey Hollow May_2016-18 Smokey Hollow May_2016-17

Smokey Hollow May_2016-16 Smokey Hollow May_2016-12

Smokey Hollow May_2016-21 Smokey Hollow May_2016-26

We liked it so much we went back on Saturday afternoon for a hike, unfortunately it was cut short because of the rain.

Smokey Hollow May_2016-36 Smokey Hollow May_2016-39

Smokey Hollow May_2016-44 Smokey Hollow May_2016-47 

These two hikes decided to make their own path, from where I was standing the looked like a scene out of one of those adventure movies.

 Smokey Hollow May_2016-50 Smokey Hollow May_2016-49

Aberfoyle Antique Market

Saturday Morning as the sun was shining we went to the opening weekend at the Aberfoyle Antique Market. This is a fun place to visit on Sundays, but twice a year they hold special Saturday event. Vendors put out the stuff they’ve been collecting all winter and some vendors come from far and wide for the opportunity to sell their treasures from the past.

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-12 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-10 

If you don’t get there early “Lot Full” is what you see at the gate. Not to worry there’s nearby offsite parking with shuttle buses.


Lots of stuff to see, you can spend the entire day there going from vendor to vendor, building to building. Don’t worry you won’t starve there is food on hand. Hot dogs, sausages, burgers, other sandwiches, a pretzel stand and ice cream shop too.

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-36 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-41

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-44 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-51

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-27 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-30

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-32 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-35

Furry family members are also welcome

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-49 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-34

There was entertainment too


I guarantee you will find stuff you want, you may not know why but you want it. If you’re a collector, beware you will find stuff you must have!

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-45 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-50

Bottom left license plate has my last name, my daughter collects plates, she snagged that puppy fast.

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-33 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-33b

I love shooting at this market, cool stuff and interesting individuals never leave me wanting.


Loved the green boots and her tattoos even more.

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-28 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-24

This “big wheel keeps on turning“, sorry couldn’t help myself.


I always wanted a wrecking ball, but it was missing Miley Cyrus so I left it behind. I do have a question though…how the “F**K does someone carry this purchase away.


When I looked at these tools I realized how hard people worked before the power tools were an everyday thing.

Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-56 Aberfoyle_May_7_2016-55

Loading area?  Its more like the unloading area!


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